Clean Eating Challenge accepted!

The other day while I was in Hawaii (just got back, had an amazing time!) I was surfing buzz feed on my phone and randomly saw their Clean Eating Challenge.   I started reading the post and got really excited about it.  1. I'm always up for a challenge. 2. I love clean eating! 3. They break it down for you step by step, with a calendar for the two weeks and grocery lists in pdf format.  Yeah, I'm doing this!

With only a few modifications, here I go! (modifications: I don't eat meat, so I subbed fish and tempeh, and I don't eat non-vegetarian* cheese, so I am subbing goat cheese for both parmesan and feta, of which I could not find vegetarian versions of at Trader Joes.)

So here it is, my Day 1 of Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge:

Breakfast: kale and banana smoothie (forgot to take a picture)

Lunch: Shaved Asparagus salad with fried egg

 Snack 1: carrots and hummus.  These are organic colorful carrots from Trader Joes, so pretty and yummy.

Dinner: cod with kale and quinoa (this is where I substituted cod for chicken, I think I overcooked it a little bit…fish is new to me.)

Snack 2: Pear with almond butter.  I conveniently misread the instructions and put 2 Tablespoons of almond butter on the pear instead of the 2 teaspoons it called for…It was delicious.  I highly recommend upping the almond butter.  I also had a lovely green tea with mint.  Good night.

*In case you didn't know, most cheeses (especially the really good stinky ones from France) are made using animal by-products, called "animal rennet" on the label.  I refuse to eat these cheeses, so I look for those with vegetable or microbial rennet in them.  Trader Joes in Silver Lake makes it really easy for me by putting signs by the ones that are vegetarian.  Anyway, goat cheese is my go-to for this reason, and because it is delicious!

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