Clean Eating Challenge: Day 7. End of Week 1

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit tired of this whole challenge thing….but I must see it through to the end!  Though, I will admit that tomorrow I am taking one day off to celebrate Danny's fellowship with dinner at Hama sushi.  In case you are just now joining me, I have been doing Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge and this is Day 7.

Also, it is worth noting that I have quite a few things leftover, possibly because my portioning was a little off at times, possibly because I had to buy a little more than was expected since I shopped at Trader Joes and things like the greens are sold in packages, not necessarily by the bunch….Anyway, I have the following leftover:
-Over half a thing of asparagus
-An entire bag of spinach
-almost half of a container of Greek yogurt
-The whole bag of collard greens (which went bad and I didn't even use, by the way)
-The lime vinaigrette from day 2
-about 1/2 cup roasted cauliflower
-a few scallions
-cucumbers and zucchini (because I had to buy more than just the one it called for)

Additionally, I may have cheated a little bit.  My friend brought me 3 starbursts: red, yellow, and orange.  I thought I would just sit them on my desk and have them in a little over a week.  Then I thought, "I'll just eat the red one since it's the best." Then I ate them all. Additionally, I may have had a tiny plate of vegetables at a talk at UCLA.  Very, very tiny, and I did not get a glass of wine, so I'm feeling pretty good about not giving in!

Breakfast: Poached Eggs and Asparagus
I like both of these things, and I like them together.  But it just seemed like a weird breakfast item to me.  Look at how weird one of my eggs turned out. When I tried to take it out of the water, the yolk just slipped through the slotted spoon, completely staying intact!  Also, I think I am terrible at poaching eggs…

Lunch: Black Bean Kale Salad
This was so yummy!  It reminded me of Veggie Grill's All Hale Kail Salad.  I could eat this quite often for lunch.  I subbed lemon for lime because I thought I was out of lime.  Turns out I have half a lime in the fridge.  I keep messing up on this whole thing.  Oh well, lemon and lime in this case are totally interchangeable!

Snack 1: One Clementine and two tablespoons of Almonds

Dinner: Tempeh Balls with Tomato Sauce over sautéed Kale and Spinach
I made a few changes here, obviously, given the title of the dish.  I don't eat meat, so instead of turkey, I used tempeh. They turned out rather nice, albeit dry.  Which would happen with the turkey too, I'm sure.  The tomato sauce helps, but it was still a bit tough to eat.  The collard greens had gone bad, but luckily I had kale and spinach leftover and sautéed those up for a lovely bed to place the balls and sauce on.

Snack 2: CHOCOLATE!!!
I love chocolate.  Since my chocolate farm tour and tasting, I can only eat good, dark chocolate.  Koa and Angela even recommended a few places to me for buying chocolate on the mainland: Taza from Boston and Askinosie from my home state of Missouri, both stone ground.  They also said that Trader Joe's has a good bar. Well, what do you think I had for my snack tonight?  That's right, Trader Joe's 85% cocoa Colombian bean bar.  My birthday is coming up, and I dropped a few hints to Danny as to what to get me (all of the above) as well as to finally go to Chocovivo and do their tasting and have hot chocolate.  I'm not obsessed or anything…

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