the buying of the chair

this post is looooooooong overdue.  my friends tina and jannae helped me navigate the streets of 3rd and melrose to find the perfect chair one saturday nearly a month ago.  i know what i like and i know what is quality and what is a good price (i'm not a designer for nothing you know!)  the first place that we went to was enough, it is called floorplan and i really wish they had a website because you just have to see how great this place is!  for now just check out the yelp reviews, or better yet, get your ass over to 3rd street between the bev center and the grove, where you will find this quaint little store with a super friendly artist owner (who claims to be straight.  straight eye for the straight women?)  anyway, he was super nice and knocked a lot off the price, telling me he had a lot of new inventory coming in the following week and needed to make room (it is a bit crowded in there, but crowded with amazing furniture, so it's ok.)

the chair is perfect. i am happy with my first "real furniture" purchase (i don't consider ikea to be real furniture because nobody keeps that stuff for longer than they have to.)  but really, the only thing that matters is that napoleon approves.