Summer Minimal Wardrobe 2016

Welcome to what has quickly (slowly?) become me just posting once a year!
To be frank, I've had a hell of a lot go on this past year.  I ran a marathon last year right before turning 30, which happened to be right before a major family emergency took me away from normal life for a good 6 months, which turned into me re-evaluating my life and deciding to start two businesses - Cookie Expert and Bone Carroll Studio and to quit my job at Johnston Marklee in order to pursue both of these without going crazy, though I am still consulting with them many hours a week.  So yeah...maybe I'll blog more some day...but for now I'm a bit busy.

I've kept up with these minimal wardrobes since my last post about beginning them...I just didn't post it (see previous paragraph)  Plus...maybe my winter wardrobe was not even close to the supposed perfect number of 37.  But it's hard in LA, our weather in the winter can require both shorts and pea coats, sandals and boots!

This summer I have a few new items I'm excited about and looking at it all together, I still have a lot of grey but I'm loving that I have these similar blue green and green colors going on.  My shoes are all very tan and I have a few graphical pieces to keep things light-hearted.  I have 47 items in total, I think this is pretty good considering I have 8 pairs of shoes!