Transition Wardrobe - Fall 2015

A few months back I started noticing an friend's instagram becoming full of #capsulewardrobe on pictures of her wearing what seemed to be normal clothes.  I was intrigued, but busy.  It took me until just now to look into this capsule wardrobe business and realizing that it was just what I've been looking for.  If you don't know what a capsule wardrobe is, I recommend starting with Unfancy's blog, which is where I learned about what a joy it can be to only have 37 (give or take) items in your closet at any given season.  I dug a little further into it and found that I also love Into Mind blog which focuses more on a term that I can relate to: minimalist.  I love having less things.  I don't buy anything in bulk - ever! And I pride myself on not having a ton of junk that clutters my life.  So this whole capsule/minimal wardrobe idea fascinated me and made me wonder: why haven't I been doing this all along?!

The idea is to have only the clothes that you absolutely love and are excited about in your closet.  For some, that means a particular number of items -  37 is what I am seeing a lot of.  For others, there is not a hard and fast rule, but merely a concept of having only what makes you happiest.

I know fall is not until end of September and that September is the hottest month in SoCal, but I had a DSW $20 reward, and I knew that I needed new shoes, so I wanted said shoes to go with my first minimal closet for the fall.  Therefore, I cleaned out my closet.  I mean really cleaned it out.  I laid all of my clothes on the bed and began sorting. It was relaxing and simple and exciting.  I would look at an item and decide: throw out, put away for possibly another season, or become part of my first minimal closet for Fall 2015.  In the end I had around 57 items for what I'm calling my "transition wardrobe."  I call it this because I already know a few pieces that will be going away at the beginning of October once summer is officially over, but I need them right now because it's hot.

Then I did the thing that is really important: I took every single piece off the hanger and took a picture of it.  In doing so, I whittled my closet down to 52.  Then I photoshopped every item and now I am writing this.  I've been wearing my transitional wardrobe for a week and two days now and I feel so inspired.  I have made new outfits that make me feel very happy and I don't ever stress over what to wear.  I don't think I'll get down to 37 items this season, but I'm thinking 45 might be my number.

Here are the tops. Clearly I love grey.

Here are the bottoms.  Clearly I love grey.  Also, I already know that my 7 for all of Mankind jeans  (top middle) are getting cut for the fall, not because I don't love them, but because I love them so much.  I want them to last me for the spring and they are getting so worn I'm afraid they won't if I don't give them a little break.

The outerwear.  Love my jackets!

The dresses.

And finally, but probably most importantly: the shoes!  The bottom two have not yet arrived from DSW.  Hurry up DSW, I want my new Keds!