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Good luck!


happy valentine's day!

Some people hate Valentine's Day, stating that it is a "hallmark" holiday forcing consumers to go out and buy crap their significant other does not really need.  I say these people don't have anyone on valentine's day and just want to ruin everyone's fun!  But as a side note, I hate hearts and teddy bears holding them, so I do agree with some aspects of the V-day haters reasoning.

Saturday night my husband had made reservations for a super romantic spot on the edge of Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades called Caffe Delfini.  I was so surprised.  In the 8 years that Danny and I have been together, I have been working really hard to get him to be romantic and surprise me, this was finally it!  He reserved the window seat, tucked into a corner of this tiny Italian place, owned by real Italians none-the-less!  We ordered a nice bottle of Italian red wine and had a very lovely dinner just a block off the PCH.  And tiramisu to finish it off, some of the best I've ever had!

I also would like to point out the fact that we celebrated V-day not on V-day...this is another thing that can be said against the date is that restaurants love to take advantage.  Pre-fixe menus that cost double what they normally would.  Terribly obvious foods like chocolate covered strawberries (which I love, but come on!) and pink champagne.  Gag.

I am a hopeless romantic and Danny has learned how to appease my idealism.  Good job Danny, best Valentine's Day ever!  I love you!

I hope everyone has a pleasant day today.  Cheers!


biking 101

I am finally doing what I have dreamed about doing forever...Biking to work!  My new office is only 2.2 miles from my home, so two weekends ago I bought this sweet Raleigh bike, fashioned it with a basket for my goodies (AKA, lunch and change of shoes) and some lights for night riding.  I wanted a hybrid and this one is kind of, but it's called a comfort bike.  It's perfect for me because I haven't biked since I was a kid, and I got into some pretty killer wrecks back then.  I know I couldn't do a road bike because I'm too nervous to go that fast and a cruiser is out of the question for commuting on the streets.  This bike, the Raleigh Venture 4.0 is super comfortable and I knew as soon as I tried it out at Chubby's Cruisers that this was the bike for me.  I sit up straight but can get to work in about 15-18 minutes.

I was nervous my first few times out, but now after my 4th day of riding to and from work, I am more confident and today I stayed on the road the entire ride.  Plus it is getting darker later, so that helps on my ride home.  And the fact that Venice Boulevard has bike lanes helps for half of my trip.

I am a biker, and that makes me and my thighs very happy!

The grade:
Comfort: A+
Speed: B
Ease of Use: A
Look: A
Weight: B

Overall I give the Raleigh Venture 4.0 an A-