Library schematics

Love the beginning design phase so much.  This is why I am back in school versus working.  The Principal is generally the only one who gets to do all this fun stuff on a project when you work at a firm and you get stuck doing the stupid construction documents.  Boring.  Can I just stay in school forever please?

Drawing a cootie with geometry.

Finished at 4:38 am.  Now I can sleep for a minute.  Yay!


Deconstructing the violin on a dry erase board.

I am about to show my true inner nerd.  My visual studies instructor Dwayne Oyler drew this on the board in about 20 minutes today.  It is so beautiful to me.


SCI-Arc catch up

M.Arch 1, 1st year, 1GA studio weeks 2-5:

Tony Smith orgy. (thanks Lucy)  That pretty much sums it up.