This semester is my last vertical studio and I am taking it with Andrew Zago.  The studio is taking on four different projects in Berlin, so of course we took a week long trip to Berlin.  It was my first time in Germany outside of Frankfurt airport and my first time really getting to try out my German in a real context.  It's funny how much 3 years of studying a language in high school can actually pay off.  The words and phrases came flowing back to me, though it's been nearly 12 years since I took any German…

Anyway, Berlin has so much amazing architecture.  The favorite of which would have to be Frank Gehry's DZ Bank and OMA's Dutch Embassy, both of which we were so lucky to have gotten tours of.  Enjoy the images.

the guilt of falling off the blogger horse

Often when I am cooking, making architecture, visiting a new city/country, or trying out a new restaurant, I think about the blog post I will write about and conjure up the perfect images of the event in my head.  But somehow I forget to take a picture of said delicious/beautiful/wonderful thing.  Or maybe the image turns out fuzzy, or maybe I don't ever load the images onto my computer.  One thing after another piles up until I eventually find myself without a blog post for nearly a year.  Yikes! 

The guilt of not posting pictures immediately after Danny and I returned from Belgium and France last August was followed by the guilt of not posting about my new Jawbone UP band and how amazing it is followed by not saying anything to the world about Nike Training Club free classes all over the city, the NTC girls workouts that I attended on the beach this summer, and the NTC app that keeps my ass in shape.  Then Your Neighborhood Studio opened up a downtown location and I have been getting my Yoga Booty Ballet on ever since, as well as other amazing classes offered there every week.  Something I would probably tell the world in my blog, but since I had yet to post pictures of my amazing Belgisch and French vacation, I felt I couldn't possibly start with a dance studio….

And so it goes.  I had my first vertical studio with Hernan Diaz Alonso and finally learned Maya, and produced the strangest, yet most beautiful project with my partner Lucy.  I learned how to animate, I still suck at rendering.  I took a really amazing visual studies course with Anna Neimark where we drew Dolmens.  Rocks.  That's what we called the class.  It was great.  I would have loved to have posted images of our final product from the class, but I didn't.  All because of guilt of not posting something significant.

I'm over it.  I will never post images of mine and Danny's amazing vacation, and that is ok.  Who's reading this anyway?  We had a fabulous time and that's all that matters.

This is my way of transitioning after nearly a year away in order to finally start posting things again.  Although, knowing my track record, I'll probably just go away again after a little while.