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Feeling guilty that I haven't posted anything architectural or any of my work this semester. More to follow someday if I get a chance.


Vinoteque on melrose

It's been quite some time since I've posted a review. I'm also sorry for lack of any posts this semester. It's so hard! After my mid-review and move to little Tokyo in 10 days I promise to post a billion belated things.

Way back in November I purchased a Living Social deal for Vinoteque on Melrose. Tonight I finally used it and it was worth every penny!!

Vinoteque is a tapas place on melrose just east of fairfax, right next to The Foundry. We sat in their large open courtyard area warmed on the chilly February evening by the numerous gas heaters (love you LA). I, of course, had already cruised the menu online so I knew what I wanted. It's tapas so you order a bunch and the dishes come out when ready.

First up was the beet salad. A nice serving of fresh beets, houlami cheese, tangerine wedges, baby arugula and balsamic. Very yum. It was my first time trying houlami and I enjoyed it, though my complaint would be more cheese on this beet heavy plate

Danny had the angus beef sliders which come with two burgers cooked however you desire topped with an onion jam, blue cheese, some sort of flavored mayo and arugula. He placed this number one on his list of the night.

Next up was the tomato tart. A crispy, flaky French tart filled with tomato purée topped with halved sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, mixed greens, ricotta and balsamic. It was good.

The last savory dish was the best by far: warm goat cheese honey Napoleon. It was so freaking good. Two layers of crunchy honey discs with chèvre and honey in between over greens topped with a sweet onion slaw. Omg, I could eat five of these.

The food was so good I forgot to mention the wine. I had a glass, a hefty glass. I'm still coming down off my buzz. I can't recall the name of it right now. It was Spanish, $11 a glass and mild.

Now for the grande finale: stuffed churros and coffee. If you go here and don't get this for dessert we are no longer friends. This was the best dessert ever! Little 2" churros coated in sugar and cinnamon, stuffed with a variety of yummy things like caramel and cream, served with a scoop of cafe au lait ice cream and berries. So freaking delicious!


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