1GA Final Review...days without sleep

I did not add a post for well over a month because I did nothing but work on my projects since then.  A 6 page paper for Gannon's class that required 80+ pages of reading, plus we still had to do the regular weekly readings and writings; assignments for visual studies that we never do well enough for Jonah or Dwayne; major problems with our materials final project at almost the last minute = building a lot of formwork from wood and spending too much time mixing and pouring concrete... And of course the whole time all of the was going on, there was a library to design and redesign, and tweak, and figure out how to represent...  Oh, did I mention I have a husband and a dog and live 35 minutes from campus?
I have done nothing but eat, sleep and breathe architecture the past month.  Time for a much needed break!