my new logo?

Hi friends.  I finally got to sit down at my new mac with photoshop working and come up with a few designs for my header.  I would really like input from you, the reader.  Which one would you rather see at the top of my blog?  Leave your comment below and we will see which one goes up there by the end of the week!




Any graphic designers who may be reading this, your input is especially appreciated!


On an Etsy high!

It's not that I only just discovered Etsy.  Thanks to my friend Katie who lives in China, I was introduced to the great site of Etsy long ago.  It was only really just tonight that I have become obsessed.  After searching for a Christmas/Birthday gift for one of my besties (sorry so late Tori!) I started perusing the site, adding pages to my favorites, making tons of items my favorites, basically really hard core window shopping through really amazing jewelry, handbags and art.

In particular I have found this to be one of my favorites and I plan to buy multiple prints ASAP!  (I think these are intended for nurseries and children's rooms....I will not be using them as such.   I will probably put them in my den or bedroom, I just think they are so cute and profound!)

photo copyright Rebecca from barkingbirdarts on etsy


Design Inspiration


I'm quite glad that I stumbled upon this website at work today whilst searching for cafe inspiration images.  I don't know how I got to this though, but thanks google!


A poppy, girlie, ballet-y workout

Pop Physique, that is the name of this super awesome workout studio that I tried out this week, thanks again groupon!  The groupon I purchased was good for any of their 4 locations, it was $20 for 3 classes (classes are normally $20 each).

courtesy of Pop Physique's website

I went Tuesday evening.  The class was full, but the room wasn't overly packed.  The place is super cute.  It's along Venice in a tall box building, sort of warehouse style.  The workout room is decked out with beautiful dark brown flooring, bright white paint, bright yellow curtains, huge white poppy pendants throughout and barres against the walls.  They provide aeromats and all of the weights/balls/straps that you need.  There was no easing into this workout.  The instructor told us to pick up our weights and off we went.  And we didn't stop for an hour.  It was intense, but not in the same way that P90x is intense.  I would say this is definitely a girl focused workout.  A lot of squeezing, mostly focusing on triceps, shoulders, hips, butt, thighs and abs.  I have no problem with that, I am happy working on all of those parts.

Right now they also have a deal for first time members, 1 month unlimited for $100.  I think it's a steal.  You could go everyday and be saving soooo much money and get super fit.  I'm thinking of getting it, stay tuned to find out how that goes!


felt is so vogue

photo courtesy of crafted systems
Who knew felt could look so beautiful?  I really like the rugs too.  Check out the company Crafted Systems by aurelie tu.  Read the company's story in the about me section, it's pretty cool.


Spaghetti (squash)

I have seen spaghetti squash being made into a spaghetti dish on Food Network before, but I never thought I would have the time to do something that seemed so cool.  Turns out you don't need time or fanciness.  All you need is to buy a spaghetti squash (SUPER cheap, only $1.29 at Trader Joe's).  Then you put it in a 400 degree oven for an hour.  You don't cut it or anything, just take the sticker off and let it bake.  When it is done let it cool down before cutting it in half and scooping out the seeds.  Then you scrape your fork from top to bottom and get the spaghetti flesh out into a bowl.  Top however you please.  I used olive oil, garlic and parsley.  But you could use a pesto or red sauce.  Now this is a healthy spaghetti!*

*(to be read like a hefty Italian chef saying "now that is a tasty meatball.")


Finally Modern

I recently began working at a new design office called Indidesign, and I could not be happier.  My new position has quickly rekindled my love for great design and because of that, I feel that I can finally post some design related items (as if my blog isn't eclectic enough, right?)

Today I discovered this amazing door company, Modernus.  These are my favorites:

i loooove the texture of this door, this vignette has a great contrast that I am attracted to as well.

i love the concept of this sliding door.  I don't love the etching as much, but it could be whatever your heart desires!

Repost: USDA changing school lunches...finally!

Check this out from a blog I follow.  I am extremely passionate about food and health and I think it's about time the USDA is starting to think more responsibly about children's health.  Check it out here.


thanks Val Westover...and groupon

I bought a groupon months ago for a normally $450 photo class for only $50.  What a steal.  The class was this past Sunday at UCLA.  I have this amazing Canon Rebel T2i camera, cost me a pretty penny.  I have always had these aspirations to have a side photography business of some sort.  Well, I took better pictures with my old point and shoot.  No matter how hard I tried, I just didn't feel like I could get it.  In comes Val Westover.  This guy gave us 5 easy steps to taking a photo, we went through all of the important concepts behind what makes a good photo, that was the classroom portion.  Then after lunch we had a hands on photo safari where we put everything we learned into action, with a little instruction from Val and his partner.  Enjoy the only good photos from my safari:


crossover to the mac side.

This is my new computer:

I love Mac.  This is the best computer ever.  A++++  You should get a Mac, seriously.


Juicing is for hippies.

I am the proud owner of a Jack LaLanne juicer and I love juicing!  If you don't know, Jack LaLanne is apparently this old guy who used to be a Strong Man for a long time, kind of the epitome of health.  So he endorses this juicer which is shown on informercials all the time.  This is just what my father-in-law told me when I said that I needed to buy a juicer and if asked him for suggestions.  After hearing all that, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get anything decent in time.  I had always heard that juicers were super expensive and I didn't know if Target would carry it.  I was worried because this was Saturday and I needed to start juicing on Monday for my detox.

I went to Target on Sunday and there is was, not one, but two Jack LaLanne juicers to choose from.  They weren't too expensive (in my opinion.)  I opted for the $99 juicer.  Mine is white, the other was $129 and stainless steel and probably a bit bigger, maybe more powerful.

I think this thing is so awesome.  If you have never juiced before, you will be amazed the first time you throw in an apple and watch the pink/red/white juice flow out into your cup.  It's so cool, and incredibly tasty.  Oh, and super good for you.

I did a vegetable juice on my detox day that was...well, not the best thing I've ever tasted.  It was cucumber, celery, basil and ginger.  It was a little strong.  I think I will be sticking to the fruits and carrots.  By the way, if you start juicing, carrot and apple juice is amazing.  And pears.  Oh my, I'm turning into a fruit.

Here are my grades:

Ease of use: B+ (it's not hard, but you have to pay attention to the sound it is making, the blade gets off balance and you have to release pressure or it won't juice, it just takes a time or two of doing it to get the hang of it, but it's kind of annoying.)

Cleanability: B (it's easy to take apart and clean everything except for the blade/pulp filter.  That is kind of a nightmare to clean if you actually want it to be perfectly spotless.  I just opt for a little pulp residue leftover on the screen, no biggie.)

Pulp catcher: C-  (the pulp all hangs out on the top piece and rarely goes into the pulp catcher, you have to take of the lid and scoop it yourself)

Sound: A+ (why can't they make blenders and food processors this quiet?)

Look and Size: A+ (it looks nice and doesn't take up much room on my counter for as big as it seem to be.)

Overall: B-

If you are interested in the Jack LaLanne juicer, you can purchase it online and they have a deal right now that you get one for free, you  just pay shipping.  Basically you would get two for about $150, saving you $50.  You could give it to someone as a gift or hey, sell it on ebay.  They also have more colors that what Target does.

I am quickly becoming more and more of a hippy.



New Year's Resolution #2, work out regularly to stay at my optimum fitness level.  AKA: lose the flab that has accrued on my abs and ass throughout the winter.

I am a fitness freak and will be the first one to tell you how you should work out to meet your fitness goals, but due to a lack of hours in the day, I often don't practice what I preach.  Danny and I bought P90x the beginning of last summer and got really into it.  It's easy to work out in the summer when you go to the beach on a weekly basis, wear tiny shorts and tank tops, and just spend more time outside and around other people.  In the winter though, it is hard for me to get any sort of motivation.  This is why I always make one of my New Year's Resolutions to get on a fitness program and work out at least 6 days a week.

If you haven't jumped on the P90x wagon, now is the time.  It really is amazing how in shape you get by never setting foot on a treadmill or in a gym at all.  You just need a few hand weights and if you are a guy (or a really strong girl) you can purchase a pull up bar that goes over a door frame for pretty cheap.  There are three complete plans lined out for you with all videos included.  The first is the classic which is what most guys do, the next is called "lean" which is more for girls or people who don't want to build big muscles and just want to tone up everywhere (it's not easy, it just involves a little more cardio and a lot less pull ups and push ups), and there is the doubles, for hard-core athletes who apparently have nothing better to do in life than work out 2+ hours a day.

The videos are sometimes a little corny, but not in a late 80's aerobics video kind of way.  The creator, Tony Horton, is REALLY into working out and motivating, but without being too pushy.  And even though I've done each video many times, I still laugh at some of his corny jokes.  There is enough going on in each work out that you won't get bored.

Yesterday I began the year with YogaX, which is 90 minutes long and combines some intense Vinyassa with balance poses and a lot of stretching.  Another favorite of mine and Danny's is Plyometrics, which is an intense jumping workout where you leave the ground so much it really gives you the best workout.

Today I am going to make use of my YMCA membership that I really haven't been getting my money's worth for awhile and take a cycling class.  Tomorrow a core class, then finish off the week with more P90x videos.  I think the key to staying fit is to never get bored.  Even though I love P90x, it is mostly same thing every week, so I have to throw in some running outdoors and classes at the gym so that I stick to my program.  I suggest the same for you.

P90x grade: A



While I was home over the holidays I used a year old gift card to this video/book/music store in my town to buy this amazing book called "You Are What You Eat" by Dr. Gillian McKeith. I swear, this book has already changed my life.

I thought as a vegetarian, locavore, and organic produce eater that I was plenty healthy.  I couldn't figure out why I was still having a massive amount of digestive problems.  After reading this book I now know why and I am very excited to try her suggestions and make myself healthier on the inside and out.

The gist of the book for me is a few key vitamins/supplements, drinking a lot of herbal teas (most of which I'd never heard of and couldn't even find at Whole Foods), juicing, eating 50% raw, 50% cooked, never eating proteins and carbs together, and eating a lot of sprouts.  Maybe this isn't going to be the most delicious diet I have ever eaten, but my plan is to incorporate most of the things she lists in the book into my every day diet.  I will still eat some things that may combine carbs and protein, on occasion, but now that I have all this new knowledge, I will be more conscious of how food digests and how to eat for my body.

I shopped for ingredients for the detox day (today) and for 4 out of the 7 days of her jumpstart diet listed in the book.  $300 dollars later, my kitchen looks like the produce section of Trader Joes.  ($100 at TJ's, $100 at Whole Foods, and $100 for my new Jack LaLanne Juicer!)

I can't believe I haven't juiced before!!  So far I've only tried just apple by itself and it was the most amazing tasting juice I've ever had.  Bright red from a gala apple, Danny thinks the same.  And I really don't like apples and never eat them, well, now I will be juicing them frequently!!!  I can't wait until later in the day to try  her cucumber medley detox veggie juice.  I doubt it will be as yummy as the apple, but I think it will really make me feel good!

I normally won't be spending $300 dollars for the week and definitely won't have time once I start my new job (yay!) to be juicing all the time, taking 5 tea breaks a day and eating so well, but my intention is to do it at least 3 days a week.  This is my New Year's Resolution #1.  Happy New Year everybody!!