New Year's Resolution #2, work out regularly to stay at my optimum fitness level.  AKA: lose the flab that has accrued on my abs and ass throughout the winter.

I am a fitness freak and will be the first one to tell you how you should work out to meet your fitness goals, but due to a lack of hours in the day, I often don't practice what I preach.  Danny and I bought P90x the beginning of last summer and got really into it.  It's easy to work out in the summer when you go to the beach on a weekly basis, wear tiny shorts and tank tops, and just spend more time outside and around other people.  In the winter though, it is hard for me to get any sort of motivation.  This is why I always make one of my New Year's Resolutions to get on a fitness program and work out at least 6 days a week.

If you haven't jumped on the P90x wagon, now is the time.  It really is amazing how in shape you get by never setting foot on a treadmill or in a gym at all.  You just need a few hand weights and if you are a guy (or a really strong girl) you can purchase a pull up bar that goes over a door frame for pretty cheap.  There are three complete plans lined out for you with all videos included.  The first is the classic which is what most guys do, the next is called "lean" which is more for girls or people who don't want to build big muscles and just want to tone up everywhere (it's not easy, it just involves a little more cardio and a lot less pull ups and push ups), and there is the doubles, for hard-core athletes who apparently have nothing better to do in life than work out 2+ hours a day.

The videos are sometimes a little corny, but not in a late 80's aerobics video kind of way.  The creator, Tony Horton, is REALLY into working out and motivating, but without being too pushy.  And even though I've done each video many times, I still laugh at some of his corny jokes.  There is enough going on in each work out that you won't get bored.

Yesterday I began the year with YogaX, which is 90 minutes long and combines some intense Vinyassa with balance poses and a lot of stretching.  Another favorite of mine and Danny's is Plyometrics, which is an intense jumping workout where you leave the ground so much it really gives you the best workout.

Today I am going to make use of my YMCA membership that I really haven't been getting my money's worth for awhile and take a cycling class.  Tomorrow a core class, then finish off the week with more P90x videos.  I think the key to staying fit is to never get bored.  Even though I love P90x, it is mostly same thing every week, so I have to throw in some running outdoors and classes at the gym so that I stick to my program.  I suggest the same for you.

P90x grade: A

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  1. Hi Taryn, just stumbled on your blog and I agree with you - I have to mix it up because I do get bored with the p900x videos so I throw in running outdoors and classes as well.

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