On an Etsy high!

It's not that I only just discovered Etsy.  Thanks to my friend Katie who lives in China, I was introduced to the great site of Etsy long ago.  It was only really just tonight that I have become obsessed.  After searching for a Christmas/Birthday gift for one of my besties (sorry so late Tori!) I started perusing the site, adding pages to my favorites, making tons of items my favorites, basically really hard core window shopping through really amazing jewelry, handbags and art.

In particular I have found this to be one of my favorites and I plan to buy multiple prints ASAP!  (I think these are intended for nurseries and children's rooms....I will not be using them as such.   I will probably put them in my den or bedroom, I just think they are so cute and profound!)

photo copyright Rebecca from barkingbirdarts on etsy

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