thanks Val Westover...and groupon

I bought a groupon months ago for a normally $450 photo class for only $50.  What a steal.  The class was this past Sunday at UCLA.  I have this amazing Canon Rebel T2i camera, cost me a pretty penny.  I have always had these aspirations to have a side photography business of some sort.  Well, I took better pictures with my old point and shoot.  No matter how hard I tried, I just didn't feel like I could get it.  In comes Val Westover.  This guy gave us 5 easy steps to taking a photo, we went through all of the important concepts behind what makes a good photo, that was the classroom portion.  Then after lunch we had a hands on photo safari where we put everything we learned into action, with a little instruction from Val and his partner.  Enjoy the only good photos from my safari:

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