Juicing is for hippies.

I am the proud owner of a Jack LaLanne juicer and I love juicing!  If you don't know, Jack LaLanne is apparently this old guy who used to be a Strong Man for a long time, kind of the epitome of health.  So he endorses this juicer which is shown on informercials all the time.  This is just what my father-in-law told me when I said that I needed to buy a juicer and if asked him for suggestions.  After hearing all that, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get anything decent in time.  I had always heard that juicers were super expensive and I didn't know if Target would carry it.  I was worried because this was Saturday and I needed to start juicing on Monday for my detox.

I went to Target on Sunday and there is was, not one, but two Jack LaLanne juicers to choose from.  They weren't too expensive (in my opinion.)  I opted for the $99 juicer.  Mine is white, the other was $129 and stainless steel and probably a bit bigger, maybe more powerful.

I think this thing is so awesome.  If you have never juiced before, you will be amazed the first time you throw in an apple and watch the pink/red/white juice flow out into your cup.  It's so cool, and incredibly tasty.  Oh, and super good for you.

I did a vegetable juice on my detox day that was...well, not the best thing I've ever tasted.  It was cucumber, celery, basil and ginger.  It was a little strong.  I think I will be sticking to the fruits and carrots.  By the way, if you start juicing, carrot and apple juice is amazing.  And pears.  Oh my, I'm turning into a fruit.

Here are my grades:

Ease of use: B+ (it's not hard, but you have to pay attention to the sound it is making, the blade gets off balance and you have to release pressure or it won't juice, it just takes a time or two of doing it to get the hang of it, but it's kind of annoying.)

Cleanability: B (it's easy to take apart and clean everything except for the blade/pulp filter.  That is kind of a nightmare to clean if you actually want it to be perfectly spotless.  I just opt for a little pulp residue leftover on the screen, no biggie.)

Pulp catcher: C-  (the pulp all hangs out on the top piece and rarely goes into the pulp catcher, you have to take of the lid and scoop it yourself)

Sound: A+ (why can't they make blenders and food processors this quiet?)

Look and Size: A+ (it looks nice and doesn't take up much room on my counter for as big as it seem to be.)

Overall: B-

If you are interested in the Jack LaLanne juicer, you can purchase it online and they have a deal right now that you get one for free, you  just pay shipping.  Basically you would get two for about $150, saving you $50.  You could give it to someone as a gift or hey, sell it on ebay.  They also have more colors that what Target does.

I am quickly becoming more and more of a hippy.

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