happy valentine's day!

Some people hate Valentine's Day, stating that it is a "hallmark" holiday forcing consumers to go out and buy crap their significant other does not really need.  I say these people don't have anyone on valentine's day and just want to ruin everyone's fun!  But as a side note, I hate hearts and teddy bears holding them, so I do agree with some aspects of the V-day haters reasoning.

Saturday night my husband had made reservations for a super romantic spot on the edge of Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades called Caffe Delfini.  I was so surprised.  In the 8 years that Danny and I have been together, I have been working really hard to get him to be romantic and surprise me, this was finally it!  He reserved the window seat, tucked into a corner of this tiny Italian place, owned by real Italians none-the-less!  We ordered a nice bottle of Italian red wine and had a very lovely dinner just a block off the PCH.  And tiramisu to finish it off, some of the best I've ever had!

I also would like to point out the fact that we celebrated V-day not on V-day...this is another thing that can be said against the date is that restaurants love to take advantage.  Pre-fixe menus that cost double what they normally would.  Terribly obvious foods like chocolate covered strawberries (which I love, but come on!) and pink champagne.  Gag.

I am a hopeless romantic and Danny has learned how to appease my idealism.  Good job Danny, best Valentine's Day ever!  I love you!

I hope everyone has a pleasant day today.  Cheers!

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  1. OK - I was going to be one of those super non-valentines day people.... but I give you props because you celebrated not on v-day. The one thing I hate about it is that it's such a rip! Also, I like to give practical v-day presents. One year I got scott a paper shredder (I even brought it to the restaurant with me). Last year scott got me a label maker... although admittedly he did make me an "I Love You" label with it :)