Clean Eating Challenge: Day 2

Today was a bit more of a challenge than yesterday, mainly because of the lunch.
In case you just started following, I am doing Buzzfeed's 2 week Clean Eating Challenge.  This is Day 2.

Breakfast: Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats.  
I began my morning last night actually, by preparing these "overnight oats."  This is something I have made recently, only one other time.  The Oatmeal Artist is a blog where you will find every kind of oatmeal your stomach could ever desire. I made her french toast overnight oats, but I did so without the yogurt.  I recommend the same thing for these oats from this challenge.  The yogurt just makes this far too dense and, to me, too filling.  Also, I'm a little irked about the high amount of protein that this challenge imposes.  As a long time vegetarian, I have heard it all about how I need to make sure I am getting enough protein, blah, blah, blah…  I've also done my research.  I know that Americans eat too much protein, also check another article here, and if you still have your doubts, here it is straight from the NIH.  According to this, I am only supposed to have around 46 g of protein a day. (another trick for people of varying sizes, is to multiple your weight in pounds by .37, this is the amount of protein you should aim for daily) Yesterday, this challenge fed me 70, and today I am on track for about the same.  So yeah, I will make this again, sans yogurt.

Lunch: Shaved Fennel, Chickpea, Kale, Quinoa Salad
So crunchy, so hard to eat.  I definitely didn't eat too much of the fennel.  Too raw for my liking.

Snack 1: Basically a Poor Man's Caprese Salad
Here I subbed goat cheese when they called for feta, see yesterday's post to understand that there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian cheeses and how to check.  I love caprese, so this was a great pick-me-up after a not-so-amazing lunch. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of it, probably because I was so busy eating it.

Dinner: What I'm calling "Sorta Fish Tacos"
So this was a big change up.  These are supposed to be chicken wraps with cabbage leaves as the wrap. Well, Trader Joes' wasn't selling any heads of cabbage, so I got a bag of shredded cabbage instead.  Also, I don't eat chicken…so I used cod again.  Mixed up with the mango, avocado, and tomato, served atop shredded cabbage, with a nice lime vinaigrette?  Yeah, It's basically a fish taco without the corn tortillas.  This was my favorite dish of the day!

Snack 2: Two Clementines
Seriously?!  I thought this was going to be an awful snack…but I must admit that I am quite enjoying it right now.  Maybe by the end of this I won't crave sugar anymore!  Must…suppress…chocolate….cravings…

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