Clean Eating Challenge: Day 10

In case you are just joining me, this is Day 10 of Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge.  I've been eating clean for over a week now. This is not a stretch from how I normally eat, as eating fresh, organic produce has been crucial to me for quite a few years now.  I just did this as a challenge to myself, and because it was laid out really simply with grocery lists and a day to day recipe guide.  Despite eating healthy before doing this, this plan is teaching me some new simple ways of cooking and some great snack ideas that I will keep with me when it's over.

Breakfast: Cauliflower Hash with Fried Eggs
The hot sauce is a must.  I use Frank's Buffalo Sauce because it's awesome.

Lunch: Roasted Chickpea and Eggplant Arugula Salad
A great tasting salad.  I like this because it uses the ingredients from the other day in a very different way.

Snack 1: Red Pepper slices with Hummus
I almost didn't eat this, but I'm glad I did.  It fulfilled the sweet that I was craving and filled me up until dinner.

Dinner: Mushroom, Tofu, and Kale Bowl
I don't eat shrimp.  When I was trying to decide what protein would take the place of the shrimp, I looked at the other ingredients and it was obvious.  This is similar to a typical bowl that you would find in a vegan joint.  Danny really liked this dish too.

Snack 2: Chocolate and Tea
We went to see "Cold in July" at Sundance Sunset Theater.  I brought what we had left of our Garden Island Mint and Cacao Nib Chocolate Bar.  I also ordered a lemon ginger tea.

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