Clean Eating Challenge: Day 5

In case you are just joining me, I am doing Buzzfeed's Clean Eating Challenge, and this is Day 5.

Breakfast: Roasted Cauliflower Omelet
This was weird.  The cauliflower is much too big to be in an omelet.  It was good though, but I ate around 11:00 after running 2 miles and doing 30 minutes of cross training…so I could have just been starving.  Also, I didn't use all of the cauliflower because it was just too much!

Lunch: Roasted Fennel, Chickpea, Blueberry Salad
Mistake number 1: This called for 1/2 a cup of the quinoa made on day 1, but guess what?  That was used already for lunch on day two.  Hmmm…  So if you are planning to do this, make more quinoa!  This salad was really good though, the mint and pistachios really made it tasty!

Snack 1: Carrots and Hummus
I really didn't want this as a snack.  I really wanted chocolate, or candy coated nuts I bought in Hawaii, or anything but carrots!!!  But you know what?  They were delicious.  Which led me to the realization that kicking a sugar addiction is most mental.  Carrots are sweet, especially Heirloom, organic carrots.  Carrots can and should be a snack.  I will now eat more carrots! (as long as I can keep convincing myself of this)

Dinner: Roasted Salmon over Green Beans and Lentils
The green beans kind of ruined this meal.  Unfortunately I am not a big fan of super crunchy, super fresh green beans with no additional flavor.  Too bad.  Everything else was good though!

Snack 2: Almonds and Berries
I did half raspberries, half blueberries, where this recipe called for just blueberries.

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