the youth as we know it

That is the name of a great line of products by Bliss, which is one of my favorite brands.  I have tried a lot of Bliss products in the past, but this one takes the cake.

It is an age-defying face lotion which does everything it claims to do.  I know, I'm only 25, why am I worried about wrinkles and aging?  Well, as someone who will never go under the knife or needle for beauty, I want to keep the wrinkles at bay for as long as I can.  So as soon as I started noticing tiny fine lines on my forehead and eyes, I went to Sephora and scoured the aisles.  I ended up in the Bliss section as usual and despite the price tag ($79 for 1.7 oz) I made the purchase.  It was worth every penny.

Even though it is a small amount of product, it lasted me for nearly 4 months.  I only used it at night and used another cheaper Bliss day lotion during the day.  I regret that I have not purchased anymore, which is only due to lack of funds, but I intend to soon because of the dramatic results.

Not only did my fine lines disappear, but my occasional acne subsided, my skin had a beautiful dewy look and I always felt like it was glowing.  My makeup went on smoother and my skin felt flawless.  I really feel like this stuff is magic!

The product also smells great, which is important in a moisturizer.  It is super thick, which helps it last because you only need a tiny bit to cover your whole face and neck.

The Grade:
Does what it claims: A+
Scent: A+
Price: C-
Packaging: A+
Overall Grade: A-

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