kindle your imagination

I love my kindle.  My mom got it for my husband for graduation, but it was really for me since he doesn't read books as often!  This thing answers my prayers about how to be green but still read books.

I always hated the fact that I would buy a book and then what?  It sits on my shelf for years and years, or I give it away.  But still, the waste of paper!  Also the cost of books is a lot, and I'm sorry I have tried, but I am just not a fan of library books (they smell!)

So along comes the Kindle.  It's small, it's cute, it's electronic.  What's not to love?  The price has gone down significantly since my mom purchased it almost 2 years ago.  The book prices are so cheap and sometimes free (in the case of classics like Shakespeare).  And, best of all, no trees are harmed when you read your book.

I'm not anti-book, and this thing is not meant to replace coffee table books or textbooks.  This is for the pleasure readers, those of us who read novels and biographies for fun.  It also allows you to read newspapers, magazines, and blogs on it.  Another neat thing is you can highlight and make notes if you are reading for a book club or school or something.  I used these on my Kindle when I was reading for a book discussion.  It is easy to use and easy to find a page you have marked.

Another great thing about the Kindle is the no glare screen.  I have been reading at a pool in Vegas on a super sunny day with absolutely no problem. It's perfect for planes and any kind of travel.  Most recently I have read The Fountainhead on my Kindle.  Overall, my Kindle really made me start reading more and I absolutely love it!

The Grade:
usability: A
aesthetics: A
price: A-
Overall Score: A

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