Native Foods

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Let me tell you what I am thankful for:  A vegan place just opened in my town of Culver City, right at my bus stop (which I take at least once a week).  Native Foods Cafe is a UCLA staple that I heard about just days before I realized they closed the macrobiotic place and were putting in Native Foods.  I was psyched.  Days later I got to try it for the first time.  Not only is their food amazing, they make multiple varieties of their own seitan, have a huge menu and appeal to meat eater's as well, but they also have an awesome customer loyalty program.

You get a card and they swipe it every time you make a purchase.  You can log on to the website and check your points.  When you reach 200 points, $10 is automatically loaded on your card.  You also get a tip from Chef Tanya every time you make a purchase.  Sometimes you will get something better than a tip, such as 10% off or a free drink, something awesome like that.

New favorite place in Culver City.  Can't wait for my next meal here!!!

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