The best cure for a hangover?

Zico Coconut Water.  Now sold in Trader Joe's.  A hangover is not required in order to benefit from drinking coconut water.  This is great to drink before or after a workout, massage, or whenever you are parched and in need of extreme hydration.  I get a jolt of lasting energy after drinking a bottle. I have tried other brands in the past and never enjoyed them as I do Zico.  It's bottled in Hermosa Beach and it's new bottle is made from recycled material and can be fully recycled after use.  Zico has more potassium than a banana and it's the perfect natural way to hydrate.  They have three flavors, so if you just can't acquire the taste for pure coconut water, give the lima citron, pomberry, or piña tropicale a try.  So throw out those awful energy drinks full of high fructose corn syrup (America's #1 source of gmo's, by the way) and grab a few bottles of this magical juice.

I'm totally addicted.  Thank you Trader Joe's for carrying it now!  If you don't have TJ's near you, click here to see where else Zico is sold.

The grade:
Packaging:  A
Taste: (it is kind of acquired, you might not love it at first, but try try again) A
Environmentability: (not a word...yet) A+
Overall Score: A

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