LA's best cupcakes.

If you go back to some of my posts from the beginning of the year and you check my yelp page, you will see that I am a cupcake connoisseur.  I have made it my goal to try all of the supposed best cupcake bakeries in LA.  A large task, but one I am willing to commit to.  Until now I have compared them all to Sprinkles and hadn't found any that were better overall.  Now I can compare every cupcake I taste to Frosted Cupcakery's cupcakes.  O-M-G!  I could not believe how incredibly delicious their cupcakes are.  I was lucky to purchase a groupon for 6 cupcakes for $9 (score!).

The original location is on the Belmont shore, but that is much to far for me (even for cupcakes).  Luckily they have a newer locations in Hollywood!  The store is cute with everything detailed nicely, all one of a kind.  The workers were super nice and patient in my decisions.  I mean, I could only get 6, so it took a minute to decide!!!  Here are the flavors I got (I shared with my husband so don't think I'm such a fatty)

1)  Royal White with nutella buttercream: first one I tried.  The most moist cake I've ever had in a cupcake.  The frosting was amazing, with half of a ferrero rocher in the the center (my favorite candy!) A+++
2) Red Velvet: not the best red velvet I've ever had.  Not as moist cake as the others. B-
3)  Chocolate with vanilla buttercream: Good.  Not as moist as the white cake, but I think that is common in chocolate cake.  I would say it is on par with Sprinkle's black and white. A
4)  Pumpkin: OMG, don't even get me started.  I am a pumpkin flavored anything fanatic.  This was an A+++
5) Carrot: Danny ate this one, I tried it and it was good, very spicy, but I've had better carrot cake. B+
6) Lemon with cream cheese frosting: equally as moist.  Amazingly scrumptious.  A+

Overall Grade: A+, this is my new fave cupcake bakery in LA.  Sorry Sprinkle's.

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