Gehry and Disney. Updated interior design required.

Saturday we had a field trip to the Disney Concert Hall which is a place I have already visited due to my love affair with Frank Gehry (see earlier post).  It was totally worth it though to get an actual interior tour and to learn things I didn't know.  Like the acoustics and how amazing they are and the collaboration Gehry had with acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota.  I also learned that there is such a thing as an acoustician.  Wow, you can really be anything you want to be can't you?  What is the market like for acoustician's anyway?

Ok, so the Concert Hall architecture is amazing, as are the creative ways the graphics are displayed throughout the space, not taking away from the architecture, but really adding something special to it.  My favorite was the felt wall with silver letters embedded in it. Felt is so vogue right now, and this was completed 7 years ago, so forward thinking.

One thing I must say, the only negative but a rather large one:  The carpet and textile on the chairs.  Hideous.  I don't care if it was for Mrs. Disney and that Gehry designed it by abstracting her two favorite flowers.  The colors are awful and distract from the beauty of the hall around it.  I get that when there is a concert, people fill the seats and one probably wouldn't notice the terrible bright floral pattern adorning the chairs throughout the space, but I will notice.  The pattern would not be so bad if it were in a more neutral color, preferably tone on tone.  I suggest a reupholstery party up in the concert hall.  But until then, I will definitely be attending a show to check out those millions of dollars of acoustics up close and personal.

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