i heart frank gehry

i'm having an affair with a famous architect.  his name is frank gehry, and he is a genius.
i'm not really having an affair, this is him:

the first gehry structure that i was able to witness up close is his work in millennium park in chicago.  the jay pritzker pavillion, the great lawn, the bridge, the titanium clad everything!!!  love to go here and dance around the great lawn and walk across the bridge.  and hug gehry's titanium, of course (do what?!?!)

the pritzker pavillion:

What brings me to the topic of gehry and his work is not this first experience a few years ago, but my newest experience here in la:  the walt disney concert hall.  this place is beautiful and decadent.  it completely inspires me to be everything that i know i can be.  frank gehry, will you teach me?  i will be your protege.  you could be like batman and i, robin.  ok, these metaphors are getting a bit creepy, but seriously, frank o gehry is one of my fave architects and the disney concert hall is a must see, so go check it out, and hop over to the moca too, it's pretty cool.

Oh the places you will go.

did you know that frank gehry graduated from the usc school of architecture?  i am applying there next year, i hope to get in.  he is also a studio instructor this coming year.  how cool is that??

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