santa barbara

ok la, i've had enough of you, and now that i've discovered santa barbara, i think i'll be moving there.  oh, wait...i guess maybe i should wait until danny is finished with school...so give me 5-6 years.

seriously, why do more people not live here?  this has got to be one of the most beautiful, laid back places on earth, no?  ok, there are probably some places in italy and southern france which beat it out, but for socal, i think this is the place.  it may have beat out san diego for me as my favorite city.  hmmm...maybe not, but one thing is for sure, it is the one place that after having only been there for a day, my husband and i can both agree that we want to live there...someday.

santa barbara just has that laid back college town vibe. it is sandwiched between the beautiful blue pacific and the gloriously green mountains.  what's not to love?

my husband and i went on a whale watching tour where we saw hundreds of common dolphin, sea lions, and at least 4 humpback whales.  sweet.

ucsb is literally right on the water.  i want to go to there.  why don't they have an architecture school?  arg.

there is a cute cafe just off of state street called crushcafe.  part of it is also crushcakes, supposedly the best cupcakes ever.  i'll be the judge...next time, this time we ate far too much cheese at a wine bar on state street. don't worry, there will probably be much more to come in my blog regarding santa barbara as the husband and i intend to spend a lot of our summer there.  yay.

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