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another day in la, another cupcake bakery.  wow, i probably could have a blog solely devoted to desserts.  i seriously have a problem.  but at least i work out and eat healthy, other than my sweets habit.

yesterday was a beautiful day in la.  i know you are asking, "isn't everyday beautiful there?"  well, no actually.  it has been cool and rainy all winter, especially on the weekends.  so yesterday's high 60's and super sunny sky was a pleasant surprise (especially since they were calling for rain all weekend).  in light of this wondrous day, my husband and i decided to hit up 3rd street in santa monica for a lovely stroll with our puppy, a quick lunch at buddha's belly, and of course, hitting up the cupcake bakery in santa monica that i was dieing to try, vanilla bake shop.

the store is tiny and you drive past it unknowingly, but upon walking into it you know that this is the real deal.  There are large cupcakes and baby cupcakes, along with an assortment of cold desserts in shot type glasses which looked really cute, but come on, i was there for the cupcakes.  i'm making it my (long-term) goal to try every cupcake shop in la.  (there are hundreds)  ok, so maybe i will just try the noteworthy ones, or the ones that have great yelp reviews.

vanilla bake shop is great because of the variety of their flavors, the fact that they have baby cupcakes, and their stuffed cupcakes cost the same as the non-stuffed ones.  their everyday flavors are vanilla bean, southern red velvet, mom's birthday cake, black & white, bittersweet dark chocolate, and chocolate vanilla bean.  Then everyday of the week there are 5-6 different flavors added on top of the daily flavors.  they don't make all of them in the small and large sizes (i don't think so anyway), but there are so many to choose from.  looking back, i wish i'd tried more, but here's what we got.

-large black & white for myself- not as good as sprinkle's black & white, but the cake was very dense and moist, the buttercream frosting is totally different from sprinkles, but both are equally delicious.
-large red velvet for my husband- he didn't like it nearly as much as sprinkles version of the same thing, but he still devoured it, so it wasn't bad, just not as good as sprinkles.
-baby key lime- yummy and very cute.  i'm not a big fan of key lime, but had a teeny lick of it.  my husband enjoyed it
-baby mom's birthday cake- eh.  not impressive.  it is just a yellow butter cake with milk chocolate frosting and a cute little purple sugar flower on top.  cute, and tasty to an extent, but not that great really...

-baby meyer lemon raspberry- yum!!!  5 stars.  it is a stuffed cupcake, so the baby version basically has the meyer lemon custard on the top and then it's topped with vanilla buttercream and a cute little raspberry atop that.  so tasty.

i like vanilla bake shop and depending on how long i live in la, will possibly come back.  it's not that i didn't like it, it's that i want to try all the cupcakes in la!!!  all of them!!!!!

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