M+M catch up.

Friday was our last day of M+M summer studio.  I haven't written for the last two weeks for two reasons.  The first week was because I absolutely hated our project and had no reason to talk about it.  This week was because  it was far too intense and I have only been home long enough to sleep for a few hours and shower each night.

Two weeks ago we had to use this extremely toxic blue foam to create an entrance, exit, and point of stasis.  This blue foam was to become our negative space when we poured plaster into the boxes. From there we mapped out a part of the negative space that we found most interesting with museum board and this became the basis for a model that we put together with two other people that were chosen to be our group members to make the 1.5" scale model of our 6' pavilion.  That's when we get to this week.

The pavilion was a bitch, but a great project for our final project.  I have never made a full scale structure before and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to do that.  Everyone's turned out awesome.  The show was great and I got to come home and sleep after, that's really all that matters.  Now we have about 2 weeks of break until orientation and the fall semester begins.  I think it's safe to say everyone who did M+M who is entering the M.Arch 1 program is more than thrilled that it's over and we can begin the real studio, but I still say the whole process was really fun and I'm glad to be back in the studio environment.

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