sequence that shit.

SCI-Arc Making + Meaning week 3?  Somebody help me out, I'm losing count.

Here you go Alexis, I hope I make you proud.  Please don't yell at us all tomorrow about our terrible photographs.  At least pretend that you like them.  :)

I only joke, M+M is going well, some days are crazy and others I stroll in at 10:30 am after swimming laps and running errands.  Today we had to map a 9"x9"x9" section of our 12 cube model with sticks.  I did not like doing that, but I am happy with the end result.  Tomorrow we begin cutting blue foam to fill the negative space which will become the space in our plaster 1.5" scale model pavilion.  Exciting!

Also, I sort of loved doing the above photograph sequencing.  I also love the "levels" and "action" tools in photoshop.  How have I used photoshop for 6 years and not known about these tools?  I love the chiaroscuro effect that my models evoke too.  Watch out Carivaggio!

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