virgin no more

to whole foods that is.

again, i can't believe i have lived in west los angeles for 5 months now and today was my first time at whole foods.  in my defense, i fully intended on going on day one, but i ended up finding everything i needed (and more) at trader joes (which is much closer to my house).  talking to people at work i was ensured that there was no need for me to ever step foot into a whole foods since they are "hella expensive."  up until today i took that advice.  i'm sorry that i did, but my wallet is not.

bulgur wheat is what brought me to whole foods today.  i shopped at pavilion yesterday for my weekly menu (new years resolution #1: cook 3 meals on sunday for the week, check) and was upset that they didn't have bulgur wheat.  this morning i called trader joes, hoping, praying that it would be a new trader joes item, knowing that i'd never seen it there previously.  alas, traders had failed me. 

guess i'll call whole foods (just to make sure before i load up and drive the 3 miles to get there...even though i knew they'd have it.)  

yes, it can be found in the bulk aisle.  score.

as i am google mapping it to find the best route (no thanks, i will stay off the 405 and take the side roads instead), i see on yelp that this particular whole foods nearest to me has pretty awful ratings.  i go anyway.  i think it is amazing and totally don't understand those negative reviews, but i guess i won't try out any other whole foods for good measure.

ok, so i went there for bulgur wheat, raisins, and ginger.  i left with those aforementioned items and an array of flours that i can never find anywhere (take note traders), and udon noodles.  i did good.  no really, i did.  because there is sooooo much in whole foods that i must try.  and i will.

new resolution: go to whole foods once a week and try something new.

i heart you whole foods, but i could really use a salary soon now that i know you.

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