drunk'n goat in paris

drunk'n goat in paris...that was the name of the delicious artisan sandwich that i consumed friday during my lunch break.  it was perhaps the best sandwich i ever had, which is why i am blogging about it.  buckwheat was my bread of choice, though the sandwich is recommended on sourdough wheat, i couldn't pass on the rarity of a slice of buckwheaty deliciousness.  first they slathered on a generous helping of chevre goat cheese infused with herbes de provence.  next came the granny smith apple slices, sliced ever so thin, ever so perfect.  then was the layer of onions with a balsamic reduction.

stop there, please!  no way this sandwich could get better?!...

well my friends, it did.

next was an extremely generous layer of cranberry chutney.  this is what makes the sandwich.  i have never had anything like it before (a sandwich with cranberry chutney that is, not the cranberry chutney.  i actually have a jar in my fridge, i eat it with naan, both from trader joes.)
but, we are still not finished.  the last part is what truely makes the goat drunk in paris: the brie.  i like brie.  ok, i love brie.  it was a few large slices of brie too.  no skimping here.

all in all, like i already said, best sandwich ever. better than the turkey apple and brie's i used to eat at the artisan in college before i became a veggie. i think this made up for the fact that i walked 8 blocks (city blocks mind you) 3 of them where up a very steep hill, which i didn't know existed in downtown l.a. (guess i need to get away from the office a bit more.)  only to discover when i got back that there was a new location only 3 blocks from my office, no hills.  at least i know that i will be frequenting medicino farms in the future.

did i mention that mendocino farms is a green certified restaurant and that their menus change seasonally to utilize fresh, local ingredients?   green tip of the day: support businesses that take the initiative to go green.  also, buy organic and locally whenever you can.  going to your local farmers market is the easiest and most fun way to do this.

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