remember that resolution...

yep, i went to whole foods again.  definitely can't make it a weekly thing, since my total was $110 and i feel like i have nothing to show for it.  ok, i got two bottles of wine.  but they were only about $9 a pop.  oh yeah, i forgot about california's crv, and tax, ugh.  i also bought my husband a stainless steel water bottle. so that was like $12.  oh, and that tea i just had to have, says it will help your skin be clear and beautiful. 

am i a sucker for advertisement or what?

anyway, what i want to talk about is raw food.  there are a lot of local raw food makers and their products are in whole foods.  the only one i actually purchased was very intriguing to me: a raw cookie.  ok, i'll bite.  what is in this raw cookie, how does it hold together, how is its texture, will it taste good?  here are the answers.

it was in one of the refrigerated sections in multiple flavors, it is kookie karma, holistic carob chip.  it is vegan, hand made, gluten free, soy free.  it is made of almond meal (one of my faves to bake with), xylitol, organic coconut, psyllium, organic brown rice protein, organic brown rice, almond butter, organic agave nectar, carob chips, chia seeds, and sea salt.  it is held together thanks to the almond butter and probably some of those other things, but im not a chef, i just steal other peoples recipes.  its texture is chewy, not too crumbly, similar to any good vegan cookie i've ever tasted.  and the taste is good too.  the first taste threw me and i was a little confused, but then you have to remember that this is not a regular cookie, so once you put it in your mind that this is in a whole other category from typical white flour, butter and egg cookies, the next taste was fabulous, and i almost ate the whole thing on my ride home from whole foods.  luckily i saved just enough to take a picture.

i highly recommend checking out the kookie karma site.  i just did and the story of the creator is really cool.  makes me want to open a bakery with some of my creations, though mine are not as exciting as hers, i wish i could sell a cookie for about $3 a pop.

oh whole foods, you sure know how to find the most expensive food items that i just have to have.

health tip of the day:  stop baking with white flour and refined sugar.  in fact stop buying white flour and refined sugar.  buy at least whole wheat flour, but also try out others like buckwheat (my personal fave) and brown rice flour, just to name a few.  you just have to experiment when you are making your cookies to get the right consistency with new flours and sugars.  i have found that using canola oil or something similar and liquidy helps make a denser, chewier cookie when working with whole flours and unrefined sugars.  

happy eating.

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  1. Taryn,
    Thanks for the kookie karma review. It was sweet. Glad you liked the carob chip (the three holistic cookies are NOT raw food by the way). Everything else we make is raw though. Sorry for confusion.

    Bad branding on my part! But the rest is true - soy free, vegan, gluten free, etc.

    I share your interests: food, architecture and design! I too have a blog: http://www.PUREmamas.com/

    Thanks Again!