french+japanese+modern art=coolest restaurant ever!

so what is this ambiguous place that i speak of?  royal t cafe, of course.  its website does it no justice, so allow me to blog about it.

first of all is the exterior.  it is a building covered in greenery (fake i think) with a pretty neon pink crown as it's only marking.  anyone who wouldn't know any better (i.e.: me until a few months ago) would believe this place to be a store, or an art gallery.  oh, but it is so much more.

upon entering, you see the barista behind the bar to the back left making teas and all sorts of other yummy concoctions .  walk through the "hallway" which is glass walls showing the store on the left and the current art displays on the right.  we were greeted at the hostess stand by the barista who was wearing all black and at first i was a little sad, since i knew already that the servers were supposed to wear french maid costumes.  within a few minutes though, we saw the server dressed in a cute brown french maid outfit.  they serve brunch from 10-3 everyday, and this time that is what we decided to order.  but first the tea!

The barista took our tea order, we went with a large pot of their special milk tea which is made with black tea, vanilla, rose petals and soy milk, among other things i'm sure.  my husband and i split it and afterward really wished we'd gone with the small pot.  not because it didn't taste good, au contraire!  it was soooooo good and i am particular about my "milk tea" (i usually sip on authentic chai when i go for black tea).  the reason was that the large pot is extremely large for two people to share, so we ended up getting full on just tea. 

then our food arrived.  i went with the spinach and mushroom quiche.  it was alright.  honestly, i was more impressed with the dressing they tossed the organic greens in.  but in defense of the quiche, that dressing was really really good.  my husband ordered the brioche french toast and loved it.  i tried it and yes, some of the best french toast i've ever tasted.  it was covered in berries, and not just strawberries which is pretty typical, but raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (oh my!) it was also dusted very lightly with powdered sugar and had the syrup on the side.  there is just something so much better about brioche french toast than any other style bread.

after our meal we had to look around the store.  it. was. awesome.  i love japanese culture and tea cups and books about art and architecture.  guess what?  the store in royal t has all of that.  plus a little plastic toy dinosaur that was the only thing my husband was remotely interested in which was marked at $100.  not everything was that expensive though, so i look forward to going back soon to make some gift purchases for a few friends!

all in all, royal t cafe is a great modern space that is incredibly eclectic, so it fits my personality and style to a t.  :)  i will go back here, and it is definitely a place i will bring friends when they come to visit!

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  1. I tried Royal/T too many times and tried so hard to love this resto. However, they're consistently inconsistent with their service and food. But I adore the space!! :D