02_Tasting Notes: A latte to remember

Well, I finally did it.  After a year of hype, I finally tried the best coffee place in LA? The country?  The world?  No, it's too hard to make that claim.  What with a new coffee shop opening every day, and that's just in my neighborhood (the arts district/little tokyo)

That's right, I'm talking about you G&B Coffee.

I, like thousands of others, read the New York Times review claiming G&B to have the best iced latte in the country.  But where the article reeled me in was with the house made macadamia-almond milk.

"Yes. I will go to there. ASAP."

And I did.  I went within 24 hours of reading the article.

Was it worth the hype?  Yes.  I shall return, G&B.  Next time I will try the Business and Pleasure drink(s), and next time I expect the chilled mason jar!

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