Paddleboard Yoga, Marina del Rey

Until last summer I had never been near a stand-up paddle board or the water in the Marina.  Now I can't imagine not being on a sup board again.  Now that I have discovered yogaqua.

Californians always seem to be inventing new ways to exercise outside and this is my favorite.  Practicing yoga on top of the water in the Marina is relaxing, challenging, and breathtaking.  I am in love with paddle boarding, so much that I looked up prices to buy a paddleboard, then quickly wished I were rich.

The classes aren't cheap, but I always find the deals.  It started with a Daily Candy deal I found last summer for 5 classes.  Now that I am on their mailing list, I am notified about other deals they offer, like the 2 for $55 in May deal (still expensive, I know, but totally worth it)

For anyone interested in trying it out, but not wanting to dip into your savings to do it, go to one of their two remaining Newport beach parties this summer.  I plan to attend the July 28th one if I can. At the party, you can try out a shortened version of the class for $15, plus they have all sorts of freebies and fun on the beach.

The instructor for the class I went to last week was Emily and she was really supportive and a fun instructor.  Sarah is the owner of Yogaqua, and was my instructor for all the classes that I did last summer.  She is great too.

Big thanks to Brent for the photos and shout out to the other lovely ladies in class: Allison, Elizabeth, and Rachel.

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