Birthday Freebies

Yesterday was my birthday and I would like to share with everyone the freebies that I have been awarded this year.  There is nothing better than getting free/discounted stuff the month of your birthday.  I would love to know if anyone knows of others that I did not list, I will partake next year and post a new list.

1. Sprinkles
I received an email the night before my birthday with a code to claim my free cupcake at any Sprinkles location on my birthday.  I went to the downtown LA location and was pleasantly surprised to see an "off the menu" cupcake.  I had never seen this before and asked the girl behind the counter about it.  She said they do this once or twice a week, it's never a set day or anything.  This one was belgian chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting and a palm tree shaped sugar candy on top.  It was delightful and made me especially happy to get to try something new on my birthday, and for free.

2. Native Foods
As a native foods member for the past 2 years I have received rewards in the past, $10 credit after $200 of purchases, a few free drinks and desserts here and there... But I was really excited and surprised to get an email about a week ago saying that a $10 credit had been placed on my card to be used 7 days before or after my birthday.  That's 2 weeks around your birthday that you can get a free meal from Native Foods.  Score!  I went on my birthday and enjoyed the new wild jackalope BBQ sandwich, a spicy vegan take on a pulled BBQ sandwich with a hefty serving of jackfruit slathered in spicy BBQ sauce, topped with cool and crunchy slaw.  Free always tastes so good!

3. DSW
With already highly discounted prices, free shipping, and almost always having a $10 rewards certificate at my fingertips, the special $5 coupon they sent to my inbox for the month of June for my birthday makes me want to buy another pair of shoes, even though I really have enough.

4. Anthropologie
I love this store, but the truth is that I only shop there in June because of the 15% coupon they give me for my birthday.  They have such great stuff, it's just expensive.  You have to be an ANTHRO card holder (free membership, see clerk in store to sign up) and you can use the 15% on total in store purchase any day the month of your birthday.

5. Victoria's Secret
In addition to their usual semi-monthly coupons for $10 off bras, free panties, etc.  They also send a $10 off coupon for the month of your birthday (in store purchases only)

Anybody have others that I should be aware of for next year?

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