flirting with veganism

I cook vegan a majority of the time since I don't do dairy milk and adding cheese just adds calories.  The main thing keeping me from turning full time vegan has always been the eggs.  I love me some eggs!  Not that I eat eggs everyday, though I probably could, but what is brunch without eggs florentine? a quiche? an omelet? a scramble?  So after watching Vegucated after Christmas break, already starting off 2013 with a vegan diet, just for the health benefits, I freaked out.  I couldn't eat eggs anymore unless I knew the farm they came from.  I won't go into the gory details here, suffice it to say that just because it says "organic, free-range, blah blah blah" doesn't mean you can trust it.  It's really about the terrible things that happen immediately after the hatching of the chicks which will someday produce those eggs.

So...was that enough to keep me vegan forever?  I really really thought so, and I was doing so well, but my busy life at SCI-Arc got the best of me.  You really have to have the time or the money to be vegan, I know others will argue, but for me it is true.  As soon as I have the time: easy!  I'm cooking vegan every day, no problem, I may miss my eggs, but it's totally fine.  If I were rich, I could be vegan during school, I would just eat at RFD, Sage, Native Foods, and shop at Whole Foods.  It would be fine and I could do it.  But when you don't have the time or the money, you do the best that you can, for me that is continuing to be a part time vegan.

Here's a raw vegan dish that I made the other night with some golden beets that I accidentally bought at the farmers market.  This dish is labeled as "ravioli" but let's be honest, raw foodies only do things like this to make it seem like they are eating something other than raw vegetables.  This is NOT ravioli.  In fact, I don't recommend cutting the beets into squares as shown, unless you want to take a pretty picture.  Just slice them into matchsticks and throw it together as the salad that it is.

Golden Beet Salad with Olive-Basil Tapenade
Adapted from Vegetarian Times

2-3 Golden Beets, thinly sliced on a mandolin, then cut into squares (or like I said, matchsticks)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 T orange zest (don't grate off half of your knuckle like I did!)
1 c arugula

1 c pitted kalamata olives
1/2 c fresh parsley leaves
1/4 c fresh basil leaves
2 T capers, drained
1 T extra virgin olive oil
1 t red pepper flakes (omit or use less if you don't like spicy food)

1. toss beets in oil and orange zest, set aside
2. combine all tapenade ingredients in food processor until well blended but still chunky
3. put together the beets and tapenade atop the arugula
4. squeeze fresh orange juice on top
5. enjoy!

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  1. This looks awesome Taryn. For an "eggy" replacement for breakfast, there are some great tofu scramble recipes. I love the cookbooks and recipes from Post Punk Kitchen if you need some ideas. http://www.theppk.com/2009/10/tof-u-and-tof-me-scrambled-tofu-revisited/