the power of pinterest

I'm on day 10.  I hate squats.  However, this plan is really building up my leg muscle memory and I am doing squats for the first time and not hating life.

This is the power of pinterest.  Since I began using pinterest in December 2011, I have "pinned" over 1100 things, I have 32 boards, and 130 followers.  I started out just using it for recipes and quickly my "foodie" board got so full I had to be more specific in my categories.  Now I have "desserts," "vegan," "sandwiches & burgers," "pizza," "breakfast," and "vegan desserts," and I think I need more.

Then of course is my "fitness" board, the entire reason for this post.  This board has changed my workout routine in such a great way.  When I am in the gym, I just have to have my phone with me and I open the pinterest app to find whatever workout I want to do that day.  I used to be that girl in the gym looking at the folded up magazine clippings to figure out how to do the workout routine, now I'm just a normal person with my iPhone.  Everyone has workout apps, so it's not strange to be looking at your phone in the middle of a workout...

If you are a guy and you are reading this, you probably don't get it because pinterest is definitely catered toward the girls in your life and not you.  Pinterest is geared toward those of us who worshipped magazines in our youth, filling our scrapbooks/journals with their clippings, not those of you who played video games and looked at Playboy.

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