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I've failed to keep up with my blog due to perhaps the most difficult year of my life.  Second year M.Arch 1 at Sci-Arc is finally over and I have my life back.  First thing's first: A big shout out to my biggest (and probably only) fans, Jonathan and Cody, who inspired me (a few months ago...) to get back to my blog because someone might actually read it!

As summer is upon us here in beautiful sunny Southern California, I will no-doubtedly be posting the numerous delicious recipes I will be cooking, the fabulous restaurants I will be frequenting, and all of my many travels.  So, allow me to post my projects from this past year, before the sweet summer breeze takes me away.

Fall semester we were required to take 18 credit hours, that's studio+4 seminars.  I was fortunate enough to get out of Environmental Systems 2 and took Andrew Atwood's class "From Objects to Forms" where my teammates and I made these bad boys with foam and a robot.

I had Marcelo Spina for studio and together with my partner Johnny Ng, produced this theater tower along the High Line Park in NYC:

Then, for 2GB they did the unspeakable...they made us be in partners again!  Luckily I partnered up with my friend Garrett Santo and we created this urban housing complex with Ramiro Diaz-Granados as our instructor:

And our precedent: Robin Hood Gardens, but transformed into so much more... 

Andrew Zago's visual studies "Of Marginal Interest:" *

*drawings from midterm, even at their reduced size are too large for blogger...stay tuned for my website coming soon-ish.

And of course there was Tom Wiscombe's squished, you can see the video of just our project here.  And here is the one put together by Jonathan and Brandon.  And, the last thing to happen this semester...an animation for Peter Zellner, here you go.

Next up: lots of food and working out.

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