Living room makeover begins

We are finally getting around to adding some life to our living room by painting the walls and getting a decal for the tv wall.  Right now it has been a bit of hodge podge on the walls.  I have art I have wanted to put up, but need a new frame.  I have some art on the walls, but never really took care in placing it.  Basically we have finally decided we are probably going to be living here for a long time, so we may as well make it our own.  But what color to choose?  Even though I was set on grey, this was one of the lightest I found on a swatch that was true grey with not blue or purple undertones and it is still too dark for me.  Danny and I are both leaning toward the lightest yellow.  We also thought maybe just doing the tv wall in the blue or grey and making it an accent with the other two walls being white or the yellow.  Ugh, I am really not sure yet.  Perhaps some more sampling is in store for next weekend.

Either way, the tv wall will have an awesome decal on it. I am leaning toward these:

Extra Large Blowing Dandelion Decal Sticker Flower Seeds BIG BIG BIG art graphic
from DabbleDown on Etsy

Dandelions - sophisticated vinyl sticker wall decal - KK115
from Kinky Wall on Etsy

MUMS Vinyl Wall Decal LARGE SEt
From PlanetWallArt on Etsy

From What is Blik?

I'm thinking if the wall is yellow, going with a deep charcoal colored decal.  If the wall is blue or gray, going with a red or orange decal.  Pretty excited!

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