Grad School

I have wanted to go back to school since about 2 minutes after I graduated from undergrad.  I have always wanted to be an architect, but I just let a few things get in my path and thought I would try being an interior designer for a little while first.  Working at my first job, making the saddest wage a professional with a bachelor's degree should ever make, doing work that was more than often boring and not really gaining much knowledge of design or being inspired at all, I found myself looking up architecture schools in LA.  I ended up applying to UCLA, USC, and SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture.)  About a month ago I found out I was accepted to SCI-Arc, but it seemed I would not be getting any financial help.  Well, $36,000 a year for 3.5 years (meaning taking 52,000 in loans a year to barely cover tuition and living expenses) was not going to be possible.  I was holding out for more affordable UCLA, until one Saturday at 4 am I awoke to a rejection email. That same day later in the afternoon I received a congratulations email from the Director of Admissions at SCI-Arc letting me know I was being offered a half scholarship, renewable each year upon academic success.

All of that said, I will be attending SCI-Arc to get my M.Arch 1 beginning this July.  I am pretty stoked and can't really think about too much else.  I told my boss and she is letting me stay until I start school.  Now I am taking a distance Physics course to finish off my pre-req's and then it will be all about architecture for the next 3.5 years.

I'm hoping to make time to keep up with this blog during that time.  At the very least I will post my projects on here.


  1. Hello, stumbled across ur blog and saw you got into sci-arc with a scholarship. how much did you get in terms of the money and did it include financial aid? do you also know how much do people usually get? i'm planning to attend for next year.

    1. I can tell you more, but I would prefer email. What is your email?

    2. thanks... annemariechang@hotmail.com.