Schulzie's (non-traditional) bread pudding

Food Network is my favorite channel.  Dessert is my favorite course.  Put them together and you get "Sugar High" a new show hosted by Duff Goldman.  Each episode Duff goes to a different city on the hunt for their most unique and delicious desserts.  Thanks Duff, for letting me know about Schulzies bread pudding on Venice Beach!

Schulzies is a place you could easily miss in the midst of pot dispensaries, rappers making you listen to their new tracks, and the typical Venice Boardwalk craziness.  However, when you come upon the little stand you will feel happiness, followed by agony over trying to decide on one flavor (there are 108, though probably less than 10 on any given day).  Don't expect your grandma's bread pudding, this is somewhat of a bread pudding/ice cream hybrid.  It is baked traditionally but with different toppings (mine had fudge in it) and then it is put in the fridge and served in scoops.  Yep, cold bread pudding.  Mmmmm, yum.  Makes me want to bike to Venice every weekend.  I think the 12 miles there and back probably burns off any calories present in the pudding.  Next time I'll probably get two scoops!

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