Firm Tours

Friday we got to sign up for tours of different architecture firms around the city instead of having to sit through a lot more talking during orientation (totally boring.)  I chose to go to Gensler and H+F.

During my undergrad I had always admired Gensler and wanted so badly to work there.  I never had the opportunity and after working at a similarly ranked large internationally acclaimed firm and hating it, I figured Gensler would be the same and pushed it off my radar a bit.  Yesterday all of my ideals and reasons for wanting to work at Gensler were confirmed.  Gensler is awesome.  That is all you need to know, oh and that they are moving downtown in November and that is really awesome!

H+F is the firm headed by Ming Fung, SCI-Arc's Academic Director and her husband Craig Hodgetts.  Ming wasn't able to be there so Craig gave us the tour.  He is adorable and sweet and compelling.  Basically I love him!  They have a lot of great looking models and are very interesting in pre-fab and got there start in exhibition design.  In fact, he showed us some plans of an upcoming exhibit at LACMA that I cannot wait to go to!  It's going to be fabulous!

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