cake pops at Starbucks

Cupcakes are old news, the new things are cake pops.  The babies are popping up at local cupcakeries and online shops all over LA.  I have made some myself with left over frosting the "muffin" top of the cake, then you coat it in chocolate.  Anyways....  I am really proud of Starbucks being on top of the bakery trends by offering three flavors of cake pops.  I think today must have been the first day of it because I got one of the three flavors that were on display.  For you lucky people reading my blog, I will let you know that tomorrow through Saturday from 2-5 pm you get a free cake pop with any drink purchase.  You know me, I couldn't wait a day so I paid for mine and just finished it right now.  It was really good actually.  Super moist and really flavorful.  Bravo Starbucks.  There are three flavors: birthday cake (yum.), rocky road, and tiramisu.

Anyway, get yourself to your local participating Starbucks over the next few days from 2-5 for a free cake pop and find out how awesome they are!!


  1. whattt???!!! How many bites can you get out of it?

  2. OH... these are soooo good! I had the rocky road. I love the way they are chilled slightly. Great thing to add to your shop!!