Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Danny and I had the best time EVER at our friend's Matt and Rachna's wedding in Long Beach.  Quick recap of the events:

Opening cocktail party at the bar/lounge of the Renaissance Long Beach:
-Their own signature cocktail, the Bla-Tau (a play on their last names), it was a spicy jalapeno cucumber Margarita, DELISH!
-A Mexican themed dinner with quesadillas, enchiladas, tortilla soup, fruits...and lest we forget the amazing stuffed churros and tres leches for dessert.

Mehndi Party/lunch:
-Bride sits in the middle of everything while her arms/hands and legs/feet are painted with intricate Mehndi patterns
-all women are invited to have Mehndi done on their hands/feet, they are also given a set of bangles
-I quickly become addicted to Mehndi, having my palm, outside of my hand and ankle done...I regretted this a week later when everyone at work kept commenting on my hand looking dirty, it eventually looked like a hi-lighter had exploded on my hand
-the food was Bombay street foods, my favorite were these crunchy little bowls that you poured this green iced "soup" into, among other things if you like, then you pop it in your mouth and it explodes with flavor!
-Best mango lassi I've ever had!

-a huge reception where the bride's family all did Bollywood style performances for the couple, the groom also did a little dance which was pretty cute!
-the dinner was Indian Chinese food, which I had never had before...it was awesome!  And I say this, not liking Chinese food at all.
-Everyone danced all night, Indian style, sometimes with sticks.  the sticks were dangerous as a lot of people were quite drunk
-coconuts with straws in them.  I partook on two by myself.
-Danny and I wore traditional Indian garb.  Thanks Pinki and Chris!

Groom's Entrance:
-outside on the Promenade next to the hotel, Matt wore all white, resembling a white Aladdin (in my opinion), riding on a white horse.  The horse was actually Tradition, the Trojan Horse.  The fuckin Trojan Horse!!!  Seriously, so awesome.
-Everyone dances to the music being played by the USC marching band.  Yes, you heard me.
-Big party down the promenade and inside into the ceremony

The Ceremony:
-Absolutely the most gorgeous thing ever
-Groom sits with his family, her family, and the priest.
-Rachna came down the aisle, being carried by a harem of men, she looked absolutely breathtaking!
-The ceremony was so traditional and beautiful.  I want to raise my kids Hindu just for the wedding ceremony!

The Reception:
-First a two hour cocktail hour with open bar and a fruit and cheese bar and an Indian snack bar (samosas and some other yummy fried things)
-The room looked like we were underwater, white and blue everywhere, amazingly beautiful centerpieces
-The food was amazing Indian cuisine
-Sprinkles cupcakes + Sweet Lady Jane's berry cake
-Drinking and dancing all night long

And that was our Memorial Day weekend 2012.

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