Rockstar week at SCI-Arc

Pure madness around here the past few weeks.  Peter Eisenman came, saw, and was roasted by Thom Mayne, Greg Lynn, and Eric Owen Moss.  Then Jeff Kipnis lectured "Who is Moss?" which was my favorite of his lectures I have seen so far.  Then we had a small break, but of course everyone in my year was scrambling to write their 7 page papers for Dora Epstein-Jones, laser cutting acrylic until our lungs gave out for Volkan's visual studies assignment, (both of these assignments were pushed back a week, thank god.)  Oh, and then there was studio and open season pin-ups.  Geesh.

Tonight Thom Mayne lectures, yay!  Tonight is also the open season session where recruiters will come to look at our work and hopefully give us internships (please hire me, it would be a huge weight off of my shoulders!)

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