Sticks are lines and lines are points, let the model building begin.

Today we began constructing a three dimensional representation of our drawing by using the plexi-glass box as a map.  We used wooden posts (actually bamboo kebab skewers) and manipulated them in such a way as to create a relationship between the three sides and our overall drawing. The piece was then taken out of the plexi-box and more sticks were added to complete a small cubed piece that represents something much larger.

My stick model is not complete, but very close.  I am thinking of only allowing myself 5-10 more sticks, carefully placed to complete this piece before I move on to using planes.  I'm attempting to create spaces that hold significance and utilize the parallelogram shape that my drawing developed into.  Ok, maybe there is a lot more work to do.  Perhaps tomorrow night is my late night in the studio.  We shall see how it goes.

P.S. Check out SCI-Arc's pictures of M+M studio on facebook.  I am in a few of them, working away :)

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