the getty center

this weekend i explored the getty center for hours. i could not believe that i have been living in los angeles for 4 months and had not made the trek up there yet. shame on me.

richard meier is one of my favorite architects and i was rendered breathless as soon as i stepped off of the tram and onto his trademark travertine. i made my husband stop 50 times for stupendous photo ops. we barely glanced over the collection of titians and raphael's inside. who goes to the getty for the art?? ok, so maybe most people go to museums for what is inside, but not me! i still am at awe with the fact that i have finally experienced the work of the great richard meier firsthand. i went to design school for 4 years and learned about his greatness, did a power point on the douglas house my sophomore year, an analysis diagram on the antheneum my junior year. . . you get the point.

(my diagram ^)

i want to be the next richard meier....or at least i want my house to be in his style. i will have to start making more money to afford all of that porcelain and travertine...

p.s. the getty center was silver LEED certified in april 2008. which brings me to my green living tidbit of the day: -bring your own bags to the market. but if you do happen to forget (hey, it happens to us all) ask for paper. plastic bags will never fully decompose and americans throw away approximately 380 billion plastic bags a year, don't be a negative statistic.

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